Vintange 2001-2003 in wooden boxes of 4 bottles
Vintage 2004 ( limited number of bottles available)
Vintage 2008 (in bottles 0.75 l)
Vintage 2009 in bottles 0.75 l and smoked in bottles 0.75 l and 0.5 l

1944 Vintage: One of the first vintages our company produced. Given the turmoil of war and the replacement of Mavrodaphne by vermouth in nightclubs, a Mavrodaphne quantity of this vintage is still available in the winery cellars. This vintage is not available for sale

2001 and 2003 Vintages: Two very good vintages with awards and honours. The quantity available from the 2001 vintage is bottled in 0.5 l bottles and 0.75l bottles. (Fume)

The 2003 vintage is only available in 0.5l bottles. The 0.5 l bottles are sold in a wooden box of 4.

(2 bottles of 2001 vintage and 2 bottles of 2003 vintage)

2004 Vintage:
An excellent vintage. Available in a box of 6 bottles

2005 Vintage
: Another very good vintage with awards and honours. Available in 0.75l bottle (Reservee)

2008 Vintage: The vintage currently in the market. Produced by adding old spirit of wine and not by adding alcohol of vinous origin. Available in 0.75l and 0.375l bottles

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